Letter From the Director

Christians Concerned for Burma has been working with and for the people of burma since 1993

Dear friends,
Thank you for praying all these years for the people of Burma. Your prayers have made a difference: there have been ceasefires, people have been able to move around and travel a little more,and there has been more of a process of shared governance. These are some of the good things that we have seen with our eyes and experienced.

However, the military still runs the country of Burma and it is not a true democracy. Over one million Rohingya have been displaced and are not able to come home. In Arakan State this year, heavy fighting displaced over 30,000 people. In northern Burma, over 100,000 people remain displaced as fighting continues. In Karen State, the Burma Army repeatedly violates the ceasefire and displacement fluctuates from 1,000 to 3,000 with each attack. The people of Burma still need prayer.

As you learn more about the current situation in Burma, please pray for its people. Please pray for the government of Burma and for the Army, even as it commits atrocities. Pray that they would see this is not a good way forward and that it is not a way that is good for their own souls.

My family has been in Burma now serving with the people for over twenty-six years; for the past five years, we’ve also been invited to help in other places like Sudan, Kurdistan, Iraq, and Syria. In November 2019, Zau Seng, a Kachin medic and videographer, was killed while with us on a mission in Syria. This is a great tragedy. War is everywhere and it kills indiscriminately, both those who cause it and those who would stop it, and are willing to give their lives to serve those suffering its violence.

As we see the innocent suffer and those who serve them die, it makes me ask: what difference does prayer make? I dont know all the answers, but I do know that prayer changes my heart. It shows me a way of love and shows me that even though the things of this world are fatal, they are not final.

Those things we pray for, like love, remain after all else fades. This is our hope: that no matter what the circumstances are, in Burma or elsewhere, we have a way to respond in love. We believe that love is eternal and can change hearts and make a difference.

Ultimately, we hope and pray that people’s hearts would soften, and they would learn to follow the way of love. For me, that love comes from Jesus who has taken the hardness in my heart, my selfishness, and even my desire for revenge, and turned it into love, hope, and reconciliation. That continues to be my prayer – that love, hope, and reconciliation will grow amongst all people in Burma.

Thank you for joining us in that prayer.

May God bless you,

David Eubank

Christians Concerned for Burma


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