8 March, 2017

Dear Friends,

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Global Day of Prayer for Burma. Thank you to all who have faithfully joined with us in prayer and worked to bring hope and peace to Burma.

Before there was a Global Day of Prayer for Burma there was a group of friends who cared about Thailand and Burma. They were doctors, pastors, poets and writers, teachers - revolutionaries all, desiring to bring freedom to people through the gospel and their respective work. They cared for leprosy patients, young people, old people, handicapped people, students, refugees, and families caught in the crossfire. For the most part, their work was in Thailand, but it became apparent to them that Burma's people, all of them, also were in great need of prayer. And so they began to add Burma to their prayers every Tuesday night, lifting up the people, the politicians, the ethnic groups, Aung San Suu Kyi and the democracy activists, the oppressed and poor....alongside their many other ministries.

This prayer for Burma, informal and independent as it was, rose to a mission and annual date after David Eubank and Laurie Dawson took a trip to Rangoon to hear Aung San Suu Kyi speak in 1996, during a brief period of freedom for her in between house arrests. Dave and Laurie heard her speak from her front gate, stirring up in her oppressed people hope for freedom. They too were stirred with hope, and love for these people seemingly on the brink of freedom. They secured a meeting with Aung San Suu Kyi, Dave met with her and she told him: "We need unity. We will never have peace without unity. And we need prayer. Please pray for us, and tell those here in Burma especially, please pray for us. Don't be afraid because, "Perfect love casts out fear."

The final step was the encouragement of Dr. Saisuree Chutikul, a friend of Joan and Allan's andalso of Aung San Suu Kyi's. Dave came back to Thailand with the idea of praying for Burma and then met Dr. Saisuree, a permanent senator in the Thai government and an advocate for women's and children's rights and trafficking victims. She said, "You should start a day of prayer for Burma." And so it began.

Please join us in praying for Burma on Sunday, March 12.

We have made a prayer guide that is available on our website and there is a link to it below. This link is for an English language version of the prayer guide. Other translations are available on the website. Thank you for praying with us.

God bless you,

Christians Concerned for Burma

Day of Prayer PDF