Dear friends,

Thank you for praying with us for Burma on Sunday 9 March 2014. People all across the world joined together to remember the suffering of the people from Burma; to celebrate the work God has done there at all levels, from working transformation in the lives of individuals to reformation of systems; and to pray for freedom and reconciliation, true peace and justice, for all the people of Burma.

As we look back at the long history of wrongs, of abuse and oppression and atrocity, and look at the situation now and the headlong pursuit of development at all costs, the prospects of both true justice and deep reconciliation seem dim. Yet, in Psalm 85 we are assured that "righteousness and peace have kissed," that "truth will spring from the earth and righteousness shall look down from heaven." And so we trust God that as we seek Him for answers, for guidance, in our desperation and in our celebration, He will fulfill his promises.

Below are several reports from friends around the world who prayed with us. We know many others prayed too; your prayers are needed and we are grateful.

Thank you and God bless you,

Christians Concerned for Burma

Prayer around the world:

Chiang Mai, Thailand: At Chiang Mai Community Church, Dave Eubank preached on lessons learned on a recent mission; Dave's daughters, Sahale and Suuzanne, sang; several Free Burma Ranger team leaders gave testimonies and prayer; Amy Galetzka, the coordinator of the Day of Prayer since 1999, said a prayer; Allan Eubank read scripture; Wa and Karen choirs performed; and the Good Life Club message was given in children's church.

Day of prayer in Chiang Mai, Wa choir
Relief team leader speaks at Day of Prayer in Chiang Mai

Gig Harbor, Washington, USA: Chapel Hill Presbyterian Church, Global Day of Prayer for Burma and Run for Relief-Burma - Running Free, March 9, 2014: Thank you all - participants and volunteers - for your prayers for the people of Burma and for making the 11th annual Run for Relief - Burma: Running Free event so meaningful. God provided beautiful weather, great conversations and a new awareness about the needs of the people from Burma. We had almost 300 participants including the Boy Scouts and many refugees from Burma. Funds raised provide medical and humanitarian support for internally displaced families from Burma. This event is on the same day as the Global Day of Prayer for Burma.

Day of Prayer Chapel Hill

Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA: On March 9, 2014, in observance of Global Day of Prayer for Burma, the Pennsylvania Rangers set up an informational table with display boards, printed information, Karen clothing, and pictures at the Eastern Mountain Sports store in the Park City Mall of Lancaster, PA. This display was open to the public throughout the afternoon of March 9, 2014. It gathered much interest. There was great positive feedback. Most people commented that they did not know anything of the current situation and would pray for Burma. This was organized and created by Sean Fitzgerald and local Karen refugees- members of the Pennsylvania Rangers. All members joined in prayer and fasted as a show of solidarity for Burma.

Day of Prayer in Pennsylvania

Albany, New York, USA: Meredith (a Karenni friend who recently relocated to Albany) hosted the first Day of Prayer for Burma here in Albany. Despite having a really large population of Karen (1000+) here, no one had done it before. So it much pleased Meredith to host it here in the Baptist church, and we also made a special prayer for Burma, and a special prayer for you. We made 15 copies of the report on Burma that you emailed and we distributed them to community leaders and area churches.

Day of Prayer in Albany

Prague, Czech Republic: The Prague Evangelical Community TaCesta organized prayer for both Burma and Ukraine on 9 March, and used the Day of Prayer magazine and FBR video "Free the Oppressed" as guides for Burma prayer.