Dear friends,

Thank you for all of your love and help.

Last week we had the first baptism of one our Shan FBR relief team leaders. Sai Nawng is the leader and coordinator for the five Shan FBR relief teams. All the other Shan team members are Buddhist as are most Shan people. The Free Burma Rangers are open to people of any faith who want to serve there people and stand with them in love. Each person knows they are free to believe as they like and we are a close family of men and women from many ethnic groups.While the FBR is made up of people of different ethnic groups and religions, we try to share what God has done for us in our own lives and how we believe God wants a relationship with all people.

Sai Nawng, the Shan team leader, began to ask about God and praying with my father a year ago. He said he wanted to be led by God and to be a better person. He said that he now had peace and because of God did not have to worry. So last week when a Karen friend brought over five young Karen students who wanted to be baptized at our new center, Sai Nawng said he wanted to be baptized as well.
We had friends from the US here (Dr. Bob, Elle, and John), some of our FBR Kachin team, Dr. Mitch and Thai friends who all participated in the baptism service. Sai Nawng was baptized first followed by the five Karen young people.

This was not only a baptism of these six ethnic people from Burma, it was also in a way, a baptism of our new center.

We are thankful that God does love us and wants a relationship with each of us. Thank you for your support, prayers and love, God bless you,

Dave Eubank


Karen student baptized
Karen, Shan and Karen Pastor at the service
Elle reads the Bible during the service
Thai, American, Kachin, Karen and Shan at the service
Shan team leader baptized
Karen student baptized