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Supporting the Body of Christ in Burma

The Church began in Burma in the 1500’s, with further growth in the 1800’s, and is still growing. Some estimates place the percentage of Christians at over 7%, most concentrated among the ethnic minorities, many of whom have been struggling for some form of autonomy and freedom for decades. As part of their divide-and-conquer strategy, the dictatorship uses religious differences to stir up internal divisions and hatred. Persecution is widespread, and includes majority Burmans and ethnic minorities. Even under the weight of oppression, the Church has continued to witness for Christ and grow.

What Can We Do?

Pray: Day of Prayer for Burma: Join Christians around the world in praying for Burma on the second Sunday in March. Prayer is effective and powerful! At critical points in world history, praying Christians have made a difference. Prayer is the basis for any other response or action. Please also continue to pray with us throughout the year!

Act: Act as you feel the Lord leads you. You can start a Burma prayer group, support organizations that assist refugees, write your Representatives, write businesses that continue to invest in Burma, support the church in Burma

Good Life Club: The Good Life Club is a program to help support the desparate Internally Displaced Peoples in Burma by sending them material reminders of God's grace in the form of clothes, toiletries, toys, pictures, and other items.

Run: The Run 4 Relief is a 10k run/walk that can serve as a way to raise awareness about the situation in Burma. For a million Burmese, running is not a choice. Excercise your freedom to promote the freedom of those who do not have it.