If there is no Run For Relief in your area, another way to run for the people of Burma is to run in a local event, such as a marathon or triathlon. If you are interested in running to raise awareness and support for those suffering in Burma, please contact us at

Below is a note from longtime FBR supporter Graham West who will be running the 2008 London Marathon in support of FBR (Free Burma Rangers) through Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW).


My name is Graham West and I am running the 2008 London Marathon on 13th April in aid of the Free Burma Rangers.

My Marathon Runner Number is 33287.

My wife Judy and I have been supporters of FBR for many years now and have met and worked with an FBR team out on the Thai / Burma border in Mae Sot.

We are constantly fund raising for FBR and this includes me running the London Marathon this year.

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You can sponsor Graham by visiting: