Good Life Club

How You Can Help

What to do:

1. Get the following items together:

For kid packs -

  • Small comb and mirror
  • One box of children´┐Żs chewable vitamins
  • 2 child-size toothbrushes
  • A drawing or photo you or your group
  • Fingernail clippers
  • A small toy
  • A postcard from your town or state

For mom and baby packs -

  • Multivitamins (for mom)
  • Pediatric vitamins (Gerber Vitamin Drops, for
  • Cap, hand mitts and a shirt (not a one-piece) - it
    gets very cold in the mountains of Burma!
  • A drawing or photo of you or your group
  • A postcard from your town or state
  • A teether
  • Small fngernail clippers


2. Then, making sure to put everything in a sturdy ziplock bag, send to:

The Good Life Club
P.O. Box 14, Mae Jo P.O.
Chiang Mai 50290

In order to avoid signifcant costs in customs duty, it is very important to send packages by regular airmail (not a shipping company) and write "gift, no value" on the customs form. Also it is better to send several smaller boxes than 1 large box. Boxes should be no more than 20" on a side. Thank you for your help.

Your prayers and contributions can make all the diference!