Prayer from a Exiled Karen Woman from Burma Now Living in the United States

For how can I endure to see the calamity that is coming to my people?
Or how can I endure to see the destruction of my kindred?
-- Esther 8:6


Dear Holy God


Let me be happy and praise your name forever for you are a mighty God.

You are lord of peace and love. May your love and peace be with me forever?


When the night comes, I would lay my head on the pillow and try to sleep.

My heart and soul take me home to imagine how are my people doing.

 I see my people are brutally murdered,

Women are raped and children are burned to death.

I hear they cry for help and mourn for death.

My heart is broken and my soul feels the pain.

Lord, You give me eyes to see, ears to hear and a heart to feel.

So I try to reach out my hands to save them.

Lord, how can I help these people, when I don't have the power to save them?

I don't have anything to comfort them.

I pray to you, Please bring peace and love to my people

and save every body in  Burma.

Free me from this burden and let free of my soul.


I pray to you with all my heart

I pray to you in the name of Jesus