Global Day of Prayer for Burma — March 14, 2004

Dear Friends,

You are all invited to join in prayer with the people of Burma and others around the world on March 14, 2004.
The country of Burma has been engulfed in civil war for the past 54 years. You can stand with the people of Burma by praying for their physical and spiritual freedom, informing others about the situation, and asking God to lead you to do something more.

Thank you for working with us to show our neighbors in the world who are suffering. We all need support and prayers in this effort.


Christians Concerned for Burma

of Prayer information:


Hear my cry, O God; listen to my prayer. From the ends of the earth
I call to you, I call as my heart grows faint. Lead me to the rock that
is higher than I.

-Psalm 61:1,2

Lord, we lift up these prayers to you for Burma. Please hear our cries.
We ask you to…

  • act unilaterally, and through us, for Burma;
  • free the prisoners in Burma spiritually and physically;
  • strengthen the refugees for the present and prepare them to return to their own land;
  • protect and shelter the Internally Displaced
  • People (IDPs);
  • multiply the efforts to bring relief and hope to the IDPs;
  • help the mothers and fathers to be strong and wise in caring for their families and in the roles they are called to for their country;
  • bless and protect the children and keep close to their families;
  • inspire and invigorate those who are called to be peacebuilders;
  • guide the exiles and those separated from their loved ones;
  • unite the leaders and members of all ethnic groups;
  • bring religious freedom to Burma;
  • strengthen the churches inside Burma;
  • go alongside pastors and evangelists who for the suffering in the midst of persecution;
  • prepare righteous and wise leadership for Burma;
  • open the hearts of the regime to your love and God’s compassion;
  • make UNITY and RECONCILIATION a reality among all the peoples of Burma

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