Global Day of Prayer for Burma, 2002

Children attending the Day of Prayer for Burma 2001

Dear Friends,

Thank you for taking time to pray for Burma. As the passage at the
bottom of every page says, Zechariah 4:6, “Not by might nor by power,
but by My Spirit.”

You join many all over the world who are praying for Burma this week.
Please continue to pray throughout the year and let us know if you need
more information on Burma, or would like to help out in any way. Below
are all the details for this year’s Global Day of Prayer for Burma.
Please use this information in the days leading up to March 10, 2002.


Christians Concerned for Burma


GLOBAL DAY OF PRAYER FOR BURMA: please hold prayer services, information
meetings, focus your worship services on Burma, and at 7pm your local
time, light a candle for Burma.


Everyone who would like to pray, please unite in the Global Day
of Prayer for Burma


MARCH 10, 2002


In your home, place of worship, a nearby park or community center:
wherever you want to meet and pray for Burma


Burma needs physical and spiritual freedom. We each need to obey
God in his call for us to love each other and pray for his children
in our own neighborhood and around the world.


February/Early March

Participate in the WORLD DAY OF PRAYER on March 1, 2002. For more
information see the World
Day of Prayer
Web site.

  • Point others to this Web site and the other information you have,
    to help get the word out.
  • Organize a prayer meeting for Burma for the week leading up to
    March 10, 2002
  • Watch theNo Peace, No Mercyvideo about the internally
    displaced of Burma (ask for details about this video)
March 10

Unite with people from Burma and around the world in lighting a candle
on March 10, 2002, at 7 p.m. your local time. You can schedule your
services around this time or add it to your regular services. This is
a practical action to show solidarity with those in Burma and those
who have been forced to flee.

  • Focus on Burma during your March 10 worship services.
  • Ask God to show you where to go from here; may His light show you
    how to take action for his children who are suffering in Burma
  • Afterwards Send us a response card or post on the Web site bulletin
    board about March 10, 2002
  • Organize prayer meetings to be held regularly throughout the year
    for Burma
  • List the actions God is leading you to take for Burma.

Prayer Points: Things to pray about.

May God bless you richly,
Christian Concerned for Burma