WA State

Updates on Religious Persecution in Wa State

The truck stopped and the soldiers jumped out. They were looking for three young men. Rumors were out these men were gathering people to pray and worship Jesus. These three young men are special because they are former child soldiers and now devoted followers of Jesus. Just days before, one of them, Cam, had passionately argued with his mentor that God was sending him into the Wa region. His mentor was adamant it was too dangerous but reluctantly acquiesced. These men were captured and thrown in prison. It is illegal for any Wa to share about Jesus or pray in a group in Wa State. When word trickled out that Cam was arrested, Cams mentor was heartbroken.

Of course we asked many people to pray and to our great joy, these young men were released after six days in confinement. I actually heard from Cam a few days ago, and joy and faith are bursting from him because of this experience. Persecution is often what invites Gods glory into His church because it forces our hearts to really choose a side. We pray these three young men become like Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego who faced the fiery political wrath of a king but encountered God in the process.

Choosing not to bow down is not easy though: many pastors in Wa State signed papers saying they would not preach the Words of Life after many days of prison. Now their hearts are convicted and there is a groundswell of spiritual hunger in this region. Its a wonderful time for us to pray with the Wa Church as it adjusts to the new realities.

We should especially pray for the Wa government. There are Godfearing men and women in positions of influence but it is very dangerous to confess Jesus publicly. There are many pastors whose hearts bleed for their flocks and they are learning how to lead in what is now a deeply communist and anti-God system. Also there are many young people who are hungry for something more. Lets pray God breathes upon this younger generation. Thousands of children have been conscripted into the United Wa State Army. Pray for expressions of Gods justice and peace to be manifest in this unique part of Myanmar.


Written by Marcus Young of Divine Inheritance.