Remembering Zau Seng

Kachin Medic and Videographer

Zau Seng, a medic and videographer from Kachin State, was killed during a Turkish-supported Free Syrian Army attack on 3 November 2019.

Zau was a follower of Jesus and was always ready to go and help and film wherever attacks were happening. Zau Seng filmed a lot over his 13 years as a Ranger. He filmed Burma Army airstrikes against civilians in Kachin State. He filmed on the streets of Mosul during ISIS’s final days there. And he filmed in Syria, showing the world that there was no ceasefire and that civilians were suffering the cost of the fighting.

 Zau Seng joined the Free Burma Rangers as a way to stand with the oppressed for justice. He went on to become an instructor for new rangers from all over Burma and went on missions with them, helping people all over Burma and the world. He helped raise the Eubank children and was a friend to all he met.

His videos and photos from Burma to the Middle East have been shown all over the world. Zau Seng helped share the lives of people whose stories would otherwise have been buried and pushed back against those who wanted to silence the weak. He said, I cannot do much, I can only help a little. But this is what I can do. Zau Seng helped give a voice to the voiceless and he did it with skill, fearlessness, commitment, joy, and love.

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